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What more can be said; A happy wife makes for a happy life and I indeed do love my beautiful ordinday married life with 2.5 kids! I am always switching my crowns to supplement my role for the moment whether it be mom, wife, sister, friend, co-worker, daughter or my future crowning of first-time homeowner. This blog serves as keeper of my everyday crowning moments. Enjoy!

Let me explain...

I know, I sure haven't posted in some time; It doesn't mean that I haven't been stalking the blog world. You, girls, are certainly on your grind! After a ten year hiatus, I've gone back to finish my bachelor degree in behavioral science. It's so hard as I already have a full-time & part-time job paired with 2 very active boys but having a very supportive hubby helps. The only problem is our recreational season never ends meaning I do not get much time to do many projects (ugh). My list is ever growing. I have already tackled so many jobs, of course, there aren't any pictures to show my completed work but at least give me credit. BTW, if anyone knows which plants work best around a fish pond, please let me know! Us, new homeowners, are some times clueless. Only some times!